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Content: 100% Banana Silk This is 100% banana silk Threads from India. Banana Silk Threads is the waste thread from sari weaving mills. These soft and colorful silky leftovers. This fiber is recycled and is eco-friendly! It comes from saris made in India and is created when the sari-banana silk remnant threads are pulled out These multi-colored packs vary in size and have a huge variety of threads and colors to use. Soft, silky and full of vibrant colors can be carefully pulled apart into different sizes. No two bags are exactly alike.

4oz Multi Banana Silk Fiber Waste Threads Multi Mixed 4

SKU: bananafiber1b
  • Suitable for: Weaving, scarves, neck warmers, cowls, shawls, stoles, bags, pouches, cushions, embellishment

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